General Relief

Shelby County General Relief provides assistance to individuals or households of Shelby County who are poor or needy and is administered within the scope of monies appropriated. Shelby County General Relief is understood to be "the payer of last resort" when all other means of assistance have been exhausted. It is not intended to be, nor shall it be, an ongoing support.

As defined in the Shelby County General Relief Program Ordinance, a "needy person" is a person or household who needs immediate, temporary assistance due to circumstances not attributable to that person. A "poor person" is a person or household that is at or below seventy-five percent (75%) of the current Federal Poverty Guideline.

Assistance may be provided for rent, emergency shelter, burial, prescription medication, emergency dental extraction, utilities, or food. An application must be completed; those applications are available at the Community Services office. All recipients of general relief shall agree to reimburse the County for assistance received. Every applicant denied assistance is informed in writing of the right to appeal such decision to the Board of Supervisors.