Mental Health Disabilities Services

The Southwest Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services Region (SWIA MHDS) services a nine (9) county area in the beautiful rolling hills of the most southwest corner of Iowa. The geographic area includes the Counties of Cass, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie, and Shelby in the State of Iowa. The region’s plan is designed to improve health, hope, and successful outcomes for the adults in the region who have mental health disabilities and intellectual/developmental disabilities, including those with multi-occurring substance use issues, health issues, physical disabilities, brain injuries, and other complex human service needs.

It is the vision of SWIA MHDS to mindfully, creatively and responsibly serve the residents of our region. With respect and dignity for all people being the center of our approach to providing and funding services, we will strive to offer choice based on individual need. As funding is available, we will develop services for unmet needs working closely with stakeholders to enhance people’s options within the region.

The Southwest Iowa MHDS Region has six office locations including Shelby County office.. You may contact any of the offices for information regarding the SWIA MHDS Region.

For information and referral you may contact directly the Service Intake Coordinator at 712-328-5812.

For more information about the region and resource connections please go to the following Southwest Iowa MHDS Regional website. http://swiamhds.com.