ORV's, ORM's, UTV's

An owner of an off-road utility vehicle (ORV) may register or title an ORV in order to legally operate the ORV on public ice, a designated riding area, or a designated riding trail. Registration is not required for ORVs being used for agricultural purposes.

Documentation necessary to register and title a snowmobile, ATV, ORM, OMV, ORV, or UTV:

  • Application form filled out and signed by buyer
  • New –Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO or MCO)
  • Used- Bill of Sale - signed by seller and notarized and
  • If not previously registered or titled: Affidavit for Unregistered vehicle signed by seller and notarized and inspected by peace officer and signed
  • Title – if vessel was previously titled - signed by seller

Iowa Off-Highway Vehicle Registration Reference Guide

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Affidavit & Applications

Affidavit for Unregistered or Untitled ATVs-Boats-Snowmobiles-ORVs
Application for ATVs-Boats-Snowmobiles-ORVs

Bill of Sale