Recording Legal Documents

Documents pertaining to real estate are recorded with the County Recorder in which the real estate is located.  All documents presented for recording must comply with Recording Requirements and Document Formatting Standards for the State of Iowa, accompanied by the correct recording fees.  Documentary revenue stamps, if consideration is over $500.00, are required on documents transferring real estate.  Revenue stamps are figured at $1.60 per thousand dollars of consideration, with the first $500.00 being exempt.


Real estate indexes and records are open to the public and may be viewed and copied at the Recorder’s office.  These records are available to the public for no charge on Iowa Land Records. 

Revenue Stamp Tax Calculator: Go to Iowa Land Records >> then Iowa County Recorders >> then Calculators.


All conveyances of real estate recorded after January 1, 1979 must be accompanied by a Declaration of Value form, unless exempt pursuant to Chapter 428A.  In addition, effective July 1, 1987, all conveyances including leases and subdivision plats, must also be accompanied by a Groundwater Hazard Statement.

Declaration of Value (new form required for use by 7/1/2016)


Iowa Land Records

Iowa Department of Revenue

Iowa DNR

Ground-Water Hazard Instructions


Recording Legal Documents