Dates to Remember

January 1 - Assessment date

April 1 - Assessors complete assessments and notify taxpayers when there is a change

April 2-25Taxpayers may request informal review of assessment by assessor

On or before April 25 Following informal review, Assessor may enter into a signed written agreement with the property owner or aggrieved taxpayer authorizing the assessor to correct or modify the assessment according to the agreement of the parties.

April 2-30 Taxpayers may appeal assessments to local boards of review

May 1-31 - Local boards of review consider appeals

January 1 through December 31- Period for filing for Homestead Credit and Military Exemption.  If the home qualifies, and the property owner files on or before July 1, the credit or exemption will gong into effect for the current assessment year.  If the property owner files after July1, the credit or exemption will go into effect the year following the sign up.

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Contact Information

Tony Buman
Shelby County Assessor
612 Court Street
Harlan, Iowa 51537
Phone: 712.755.5718
Fax: 712.755.3200
Email: tbuman@shco.org

Shelby County Courthouse

612 Court Street
Harlan, Iowa 51537
Monday - Friday
8 am - 4:30 pm