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911 Center / EMA

Shelby County Emergency Management is the former Civil Defense Agency. Our mission reflects the desire of our nation and congress to make our citizens more aware of the "disasters" which might affect them. Through education, planning, zoning, and other direct actions, our aim is to minimize or eliminate the risk to life and property. 

Alex Londo, the Coordinator, supervises the activities of Shelby County's Enhanced 911 Center, assisting fire and emergency medical services with the response, training, and planning needs, coordinating the warning and response to severe weather, hazardous chemical spills, or other disasters and major responses we might experience.

If you have questions, please, contact us. We can help, whether you'd like to know more about the administration of the 911 program, severe weather awareness week, or the Emergency Management Agency. 


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History (Civil Defense Agency) Major Response Planning 

911 Center / EMA's office staff includes:

Alex Londo - EMA Coordinator

Jordon Sanders - Assistant EMA Coordinator

Kandi Schlensig - Lead Dispatcher

Roxanne Petersen - 911 Dispatcher/Training Officer

Susan Cooper - 911 Dispatcher/Validations Officer

Dakota Partridge - 911 Dispatcher

Logan Butler - 911 Dispatcher

Michelle Fishback - 911 Dispatcher

Vanessa Gubbels - 911 Dispatcher

Glenn Birks - 911 Dispatcher

Contact Information

Shelby County Courthouse
612 Court Street
Harlan, Iowa 51537