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Ambulance Service

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The Shelby County Ambulance Service provides emergency medical coverage to all 598 square miles of Shelby County. We are a county owned service that provides county wide 911 service and interfacility transfers. We run Paramedic and EMT crews 24/7/365. We have the most up to date equipment and vehicles.

Shelby County also has volunteer ambulances owned and operated by fire departments or other rescue organizations in towns throughout the County. Volunteer ambulances are located in: 

  • Shelby
  • Elk Horn 
  • Portsmouth
  • Earling
  • Defiance
  • Irwin
  • Harlan

Volunteer fire departments also assist the ambulance service by having first responder crews that can provide care until an ambulance arrives. These fire departments include: 

  • Panama
  • Westphalia






Ambulance Service 's office staff includes:

Jordon Sanders - Interim Director

Jenny Thoreson - Critical Care Paramedic

Lori Greving - Critical Care Paramedic

Mary Yates - Critical Care Paramedic

Dave Keane - Critical Care Paramedic

Austin Tompkins - Paramedic

Connor Duggan - Paramedic

Dan Harding - EMT

Adam McCall - EMT

Andrea Syrstad - Part Time Critical Care Paramedic

Venus Dreyer - Part Time Advanced EMT

Alex Blum - Part Time EMT

Contact Information

Shelby County Courthouse
612 Court Street
Harlan, Iowa 51537