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Passed Iowa Senate 48-1 and Iowa House of Representatives 96-0, Signed by Governor 5/11/2017

The following civil fees were increased which should increase revenue and reduce the burden on local property taxpayers. The increases will go into effect on July 1, 2017.

331.655 (1)...a. b. c., f. g. h. k. l. n. Increases current fees set in Code

  • notices ($30);
  • notices–second person same residence ($20);
  • for warrants ($35);
  • for subpoenas ($35);
  • for summoning a jury for condemnation ($200); No longer required to attend them;
  • for other court orders, execution, attachment ($30);
  • for activities related to executing a certificate or deed for lands sold on execution or sold ($50); No increase on bill of sale for personal property;
  • for doing an inventory of personal property attached or levied upon ($20 per hour);
  • for setting a sale of real property ($75)
  • for conveying a person to an institution by court order ($25 per hour);
  • for posting notices ($10).

331.655(1)e. Condemnations additional fee

Condemnations create the greatest time demand of any civil process, most of which is in preparation for the meeting. There is currently no mechanism for collecting a fee for the lost time if cancellation happens prior to the meeting.

Section (1)e. will allow the Sheriff’s Office to receive payment of $200 for summoning a jury to assess the damages to the owner’s lands taken.

331.655(1)k. Setting a Sheriff’s Sale instead of attending one

The number of Sheriff’s Sales has escalated in recent years. Sheriffs’ Sales require significant officer time preparing for the sale. Currently, there is no fee in Iowa Code to address time invested by officers in preparation for the sale if the sale is canceled. Sales are often canceled after hours of work have occurred. Section (1)k. changes the term “attending” to “setting”, which will allow the current fee for Sheriff’s Sales to be charged when work is done but the sale is canceled.

Section 331.655(1)p. Attending the service of a writ 

Sheriff’s deputies are required to stand by during the service of writs, especially evictions. Currently, the only compensation that the Sheriff gets for overseeing writs is the mileage and a $15 service fee. This section allows the Sheriff to receive an additional $25 per hour attendance fee and the new writ service fee of $30.

All documents served will have mileage added to the service fee.

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