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The Shelby County Jail is located at 1104 9th Street, Harlan, IA. and is connected to the Sheriff’s Office. The Shelby County Jail is a 14 bed facility built in 1985.  The jail processes approximately 400 - 450 inmates a year.   The facility is maintained by certified staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.







The IowaVINE system is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding the custody status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and email notification when the offender’s custody status changes.  The toll-free number for IowaVINE is 888-7-IAVINE or 888-742-8463.  This service is provided to assist victims of crime who have a right to know about their offender’s custody status.


How To Register

To register for IowaVINE notifications or to download the VINELink mobile app, click here

To download the mobile patrol app provided by Appriss, please https://apprisssafety.com/solutions/mobilepatrol/


Room & Board

Pursuant to Iowa Code Section 356.7 (Subsection1) the Shelby County Jail charges sentence inmates Room & Board if deemed eligible to pay from District Court.  The fee setup is as follows:

  • Sentenced Inmates serving straight time ($30.00 Daily Rate)
  • Sentenced Inmates serving 48 hour increments of jail time ($35.00 Daily Rate) Must pay ($70.00) per set of days at booking, prior to, unless prior arrangements are made with Sheriff or Jail Administrator by calling 712-755-5026.
  • Sentenced Inmates granted work release by the courts under the approval of the Sheriff and/or his Designee are charged ($35.00 Daily Rate)
    Sentence Inmate serving out of county jail sentences must be approved to serve in Shelby County are charge ($65.00 Daily Rate)

*Work Release days must be paid in advanced prior to leaving for work.  Payment arrangements can be setup with jail. Work Release is only granted Monday – Friday (Maximum 50 Hours a week).  No Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays unless approved by Sheriff and/or his Designee prior to arrival at the jail.    Work Release will refrain from alcohol / drug use while on release from custody of the Sheriff, and are setup to screenings on intake and randomly during the length of your sentence.  Work Release inmates will not partake in any illegal activity while on work release.  Work Release Inmates within the custody of the Shelby County Sheriff will be monitored by GPS ankle bracelet while away from the facility.


To setup your jail sentence time, or with questions, or to obtain an application for Work Release you need to call Jail Administrator Kyle Lindberg at 712-755-5026 Monday-Friday 8am – 4:30pm or email at klindberg@shco.org



Visitation                    *ALL VISITORS ARE SUBJECT TO SEARCH  

Shelby County Jail staff retains the right to deny a visit when there is reason to believe that the visitor will endanger jail security or control of jail.  Person under the influence of any drug / alcohol will be denied entry.     



( TUESDAY 9am -11am )   

 (FRIDAYS 9am-11am  1pm-3:30pm)   

No Visitations allowed after 3:30pm  

Office Lobby closes at 4pm

If you have been incarcerated within the Shelby County Jail the last 90 days you will not be allowed to visit an inmate.  ( This is 90 days from your release date) 

  • No Cell phone or cameras or any type of recording devices allowed during visit
  • No Recording or picture during visitation ( YOU WILL BE BANNED )
  • Government Issued Photo ID must be presented by each visitor.  Visitors who don't have proper ID will not be allowed visitation 
  • Visitation for each vistor will last no longer than 20 minutes and visitations are recorded and monitored.
  • Visitors will not abuse, neglect, or damage video visitation equipment - if so, persons could face criminal mischief charges for damage to county property.
  • Visitors will be properly dressed.
  • Proper behavior of all visitors is required. 
  • Jail Administrator, or his/her designee (staff) may deny any visit or suspend all visits, in his/her opinion, reasonable suspicion that the securty of any inmate and/or security of the facility is in jeopardy.
  • Attorneys and Ministers will be allowed unlimited access provided the visit is at a reasonable hour.



            Letters mailed to inmates must contain the inmate’s full name as part of the address.  The jail will not accept certain items through the mail.   Restricted items include packages, obscene or pornographic materials, personal checks, and type of food.   Envelopes with writing and drawings all over, other than what is required will not be accepted and returned to sender:  

            *Mail should be addressed in the following manner:

                        INMATES NAME

                        Shelby County Jail

                        612 Court St

                        Harlan, IA 51537


Telephone Calls

Most inmates have daily access to telephones within the dayroom of the housing units:  Inmates can’t receive incoming telephone calls, and Jail staff won’t deliver personal messages unless of emergency nature.   After the booking process, all telephone calls by inmates are collect and the financial responsibility of the receiver should they accept.  The inmate may also purchase a phone card through the jail.     Inmate telephone services are provided through contact with Reliance Telephone.  Any questions regarding collect call charges should be referred to Reliance Telephone at 1-800-896-3201.  You may also visit Reliance Telephone’s website at www.reliancetelephone.com


IPODS (Texting Device)

Shelby County Jail has provided Inmates with another form of communication while incarcerated at the Jail.  Inmates can fill out application to be granted use of IPOD texting device while in jail.   Cost is $4.00 per 30 days, and all inbound/outbound texts are $.09 Cents.  Any money left on account is not refunded upon leaving the jail.   Services are provided through Reliance Telephone, and funds can be placed on IPOD after approval and setup by going to www.reliancetelephone.com    Shelby County Jail staff don’t have access to Inmate fund accounts, or able to answer any billing questions in reference to IPOD.  Questions should be directed to Reliance Telephone by calling 1-800-896-3201.


Inmate Video Calling

Shelby County Jail has video calling for inmates incarcerated within our jail.   Inmates have an account setup through www.reliancetelephone.com and are able to video call out to IPHONE & ANDROID phones.   End users will have to download Reliance Connect App through the App store.  Video calling is enabled to be used Monday - Sunday from 8am - 10pm.    Inmates are charged the rate of $0.50 cents a minute when using said service through Reliance Telephone.  All calls are recorded and monitored.   Video calling is provided and supported by Reliance Telephone, Shelby County Staff is unable to assist you with technical questions regarding app downloading or service problems.  Any support questions will be handled by Reliance Customer Service at 1-800-896-3201.




  1. LEO WELSH (BAIL OR JAIL)          1-712-677-2469       
  2. MOORE BAIL BONDS                     1-515-573-0417
  3. LEDERMAN BAIL BONDS              1-800-564-8898
  4. YES BAIL BONDS                           1-866-888-2734
  5. GIBBONS                                        1-712-322-1521
  6. GALLAGHER                                  1-712-323-3886
  7. BILL BAIL BONDS                          1-515-243-1850
  8. ALWAYS AFFORDABLE                 1-515-953-3134         
  9. KENNYS BAIL BONDS                   1-515-707-5000


Shelby County Sheriff’s Office supports the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Reporting of any sexual assaults made or attempted by any inmate, volunteer, vendor or staff member in the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in the Shelby County Jail may be reported any time by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at 712-755-5026

For more information about the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), please visit: http://www.prearesourcecenter.org

What is PREA?

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was signed into law on Sept. 4, 2003. The final regulatory standards to implement PREA went into effect on August 20, 2012.

What is the purpose of PREA?

PREA is intended to address the detection, prevention, reduction and prosecution of sexual harassment and sexual assault in all correctional facilities in the country.

To what facilities does PREA apply?

PREA applies to all confinement facilities in the state. This includes all prisons, jails, police lock-ups, juvenile facilities, immigration detention centers, court holding facilities, and community corrections facilities (home monitoring, probation, parole, half-way houses).

What constitutes staff sexual misconduct with offenders?

Staff sexual misconduct with offenders is generally defined as any behavior or act of a sexual nature by: a Sheriff’s office employee (sworn or civilian, managers, administrators, supervisors, officers, supervisors of offenders on work release), a contractor, a food service employee, a maintenance worker, a volunteer, a medical or mental health staff member (clinical staff and counselors), vendors, or teachers.

What should someone do if they suspect a sexual assault has occurred in a correctional facility?

Anyone who suspects or has knowledge of any sexual harassment, sexual assault or sexual misconduct in any juvenile or adult detention or correctional facility should report it to a staff member, volunteer, supervisor, administrator or human resources official Inmates may file grievances, tell their case manager or unit manager, or talk with a correctional officer or any staff member with whom they feel comfortable and trust. Anyone who receives a report of sexual abuse in any confinement setting must send it up the chain of command for investigation and disposition.

Reporting of Sexual Assault

Every report that is made is taken seriously and will be investigated fully. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has a ZERO tolerance policy for any sexual assaults made or attempted by any inmate or staff member in the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Reports can be made anonymously by friends or family members at any time by contacting the Sheriff’s Office at 712-755-5026.


If you have any additional questions, that cant be answered through our website, please contact the Jail at (712)755-2501 or email our Jail Administrator Kyle Lindberg at klindberg@shco.org

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Contact Information


Kyle Lindberg 
Jail Administrator
1104 9th Street
Harlan, Iowa 51537
Office Phone: 712.755.5026
Office  Fax: 712.755.2481
Email: klindberg@shco.org