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The Assessor's primary duty and responsibility are to assess all real property within the Assessor's jurisdiction except that which is otherwise provided by law. This would include residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural classes of property. Real property is revalued every two years. The effective date of the assessment is January first of each year. The Assessor determines a full or partial value for all new construction and improvements depending upon their state of completion as of that January first date.

The Assessor DOES NOT

  • Collect taxes
  • Calculate taxes
  • Determine tax rate
  • Set policy for the Board of Review
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Assessor's office staff includes:

Tony Buman - Assessor

Taryn Knapp - Real Estate/GIS

Cindy Pash - Clerk

Contact Information

Shelby County Courthouse
612 Court Street
Harlan, Iowa 51537